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Video 1 | How To Execute A Trade

Become an Options Trading Master

…but first, watch this step-by-step tutorial on how to input option contract information to place a trade order. Remember, never feel rushed when entering this information, and always double check your work!


VIDEO 2 | Buy Low, Sell High

Buying low and selling high are all relative, to both the market realities and your own risk tolerance; however, there are a few key indicators that I look at when setting my ‘set it and forget it’ limit orders.


VIDEO 3 | Risk Management

Averaging In is a great strategy for beginners to use to keep your risk low while you’re learning. It essentially involves setting two limit orders throughout the day, which allows you to capture an average price when you’re entering trades.


VIDEO 4 | Margins & Leverage

Leverage is just a fancy way of saying that a company is taking out a loan to increase investor return. Now, this can seem like a paradox, because taking out a loan means that a company will have to pay interest expense in addition to paying a loan back. So, why bother when they can just sell shares without a debt burden to the market?


VIDEO 5 | Corporate Valuation

When trading, it can be easy to get caught up in Momentum and Technical Analysis, but fundamentally, the main driver of stock price movement is people disagreeing over a stock’s value. Everyone has a different answer to the question, “what is this thing even worth?”


Video 6 | Technical Analysis

The fundamental flaw with seeking patterns in trading charts is that once they are discovered the pattern cannot be repeated. However, there are certain prices that can trigger what is known as support buying to keep a price strong through selling pressure, as well as upper bound prices that trigger large volumes of selling off


Video 7 | Spreads and Straddles

Making Money Moves

The most important way to understand an option value is to understand its intrinsic value, or the value if you exercised the option immediately. An option’s floor price is its intrinsic value, and options without any intrinsic value expire completely worthless.



Wondering what δ means?

Delta is a Greek letter that represents a first order derivative, or a rate of change, in mathematics. The delta value of an option is very important, but it is only one of five key components of option value known as The Greeks.

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